Best Beaches in Bali review ~ Indonesia | 2021 Edition

When in doubt, choose Bali. This island has never failed to capture the hearts of millions that visit, leaving an unforgettable lifetime experience. Being heavily praised for its wildlife, forested volcanic mountains, temples, cultural heritage, Bali tops it all again with enthralling beaches. We classify Bali’s best beaches based on four characteristics, 1) Bali quiet beach, 2) Bali snorkeling beach, 3) Bali surfing beach, and 4) Bali’s most beautiful beach. The pale white sand, seductive palm

Bali snorkeling review ~ Indonesia | 2021 Edition

The best snorkeling in Bali is at White Sand Beach (Pantai Perasi Karangasem), Geger Beach (Nusa Dua beach), Blue Lagoon, and Amed Beach. These beaches guarantee crystal clear water, terrific corals, and blue skies for snorkeling off the beach for beginner to advanced snorkelers. Being known as the island of the Gods, it is not uncommon to see other beaches that can rival the best snorkeling in Bali. Some of them boast an equally terrific snorkeling session, depending on the month of the year yo

Gili Trawangan review ~ Gili Islands, Indonesia | 2021 Edition

Gili Trawangan (Gili T) is the largest and most popular island in a collection of three Gili Islands. Like its other two sisters, Gili Trawangan island finds home on the northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia. Gili T is one of the outlying islands in the triplet setup, keeping Gili Meno in the middle while having Gili Air on the other extreme. If you would like to enjoy the things that are possible on the bigger islands, but without all the noise and hustle, Gili Trawangan is the place to be. Y

Nusa Penida review ~ Bali, Indonesia | 2021 Edition

Nusa Penida is the largest and most popular island in a collection of three Nusa Islands. Nusa Penida is home of the Kelingking beach and one of the most famous Instagram locations of Southeast Asia: the T-Rex Kelingking viewpoint. Other highlights include the hidden Peguyangan Waterfall, nestled at the bottom of an iconic blue stairway. While the Broken Beach, Crystal Bay, Diamond Beach, and Thousand Island’s Point – four excitingly named features – show off secluded bays, tide-pools, coral ree

Bair Island review ~ Kei Islands, Indonesia | 2021

A gem of Kei archipelago, Bair is a limestone island with stunning karst formation and a fairy-tale lagoon, giving it the nickname “small Raja Ampat.” Along with this, Bair Island promises enchanting towering limestone cliffs, crystal clear water, calm sea and mangrove vegetation alongside powder-soft beaches. This majestic island is not only a highlight of nearby Kei Kecil; it rivals the enchanting beauty of the famous Koh Phi Phi island in Thailand and Raja Ampat of West Papua. Although small

Ohoidertawun Beach review ~ Kei Islands, Indonesia | 2021

Ohoidertawun Beach is a hidden, untouched gem located in Kei Kecil island of the Kei archipelago in south Maluku regency, Indonesia. Ohoidertawun beach offers more than just picturesque white sands stretching to the Kei horizon. The mysterious caves located on its coastal cliffs are decorated with ancient wall scribbles and remains of human skeletons, adding a lot to the unique aura of Ohoidertawun beach. Although unheard of most foreigners, local Maluku people praise Ohoidertawun beach as a my